GSM Data Receiver Skimmer

GSM DATA Receiver is a skimmer that scans for bank network connections that are secured. This GSM Receiver skimmer bypasses security and connects directly to the Bank ATM from  50-75 feet. (Brick Walls 30-45 feet)

This skimmer extracts data from ATM in this Format:

  • Date:
  • Track1:
  • Track2:
  • Pin:
  • Chip:
  • Zip:
  • Bin:
  • Billing Address:
  • Name:
  • Balance:
  • Transaction:

This skimmer is more advanced than the previous generations of ATM Skimmers and also what makes this device more appealing to people is that DDA Cards( Chip Cards) have been cracked since 2015 however many people do not know except those who are deep into the ATM Skimming Industry.

Now when you combine unlimited amount of BANK ATM Data (Dumps and Pins) and being able to fully functionally use CHIP CARDS which MANY People “CLAIM” is impossible. Opportunities are endless.

GSM Receivers In Photo:

We have 3 Kits:

1: GSM Reciever + GSM Scanner Software + Cables 3,100 EUR

2. GSM Reciever + GSM Scanner Software +Cables +Chip Software+ Chip Writer 5,000 EUR

3. GSM Reciever Full Kit With Extender 6,500 EUR

GSM Reciever Full Kit with Extender:

  • GSM Reciever
  • GSM Scanner Software
  • Chip Software
  • Chip Writer
  • MSR605
  • MSRX6 – Bluetooth
  • Emils Guide
  • Bank Network Codes

Video Of GSM Scanner In USE!