ATM Skimmers

ATM Skimmers are devices that steal Credit Card Or Debit Card and PIN information. These devices are made to be stealthy and unnoticed. All devices come built with tinniest Mag-head and Albanian Built 3D Printed Bezels. Looks exactly the same as the Manufacturer. 


ATM Skimmers Available:


  • USB Version 1,000 USD
  • BlueTooth Version 1,500 USD


  • USB Version 800 USD


  • USB Version 950 USD


  • USB Version 1,500 USD
  • Bluetooth Version 2,000 USD
  • GSM Version 3,000 USD
  • USB Version 800 USD
  • Bluetooth Version 1,500 USD

Video of our top selling builds:


Defin: ATM Skimmer is a device that compromises an atm and takes Dump and Pin Details, Which can later be Used on a blank card.
When a Customer uses the ATM, Once He or She inserts her card, the ATM Skimmer For Sale then stores data from the chip and magnetic strip.
This is an Old Concept and has shown results still to this day!

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